G R O W T H - created with Cinema 4D and Forrester

Spore - created in Cinema 4D

Dark souls inspired 30 sec gif.

VR Image

1980's style retrowave animation - Created in cinema 4D and after effects


The hero animations I made for a Keranique 2016 infomercial. (No Audio)


The animatic that ultimately became the hero animation in a keranique infomercial.


Conture HUD animation


social media video for "ratio: Photography exhibition"     ROLES: Concept, editing, all animation


VHS STYLE FLYER FOR 'NO PERFECT FUTURE" - Photo exhibition - houston,tx 2016      Roles: edit, concept, alL animation


Spinning deer skull animation created for the video splash page on bryanforrester.com


Strike - Installation Video


DEAD peasants - installation video 2014

An animatic I made for a future narrative project. It's the story of a murdered copper mine superintendent, making peace.


A metaphorical digital collage representing meeting someone, falling in love and the eventual death of the relationship.


This was my first short film while I was in film school. I had originally intended for it to be a 12 minute short, but first-time film-maker things happened and I got this neat little trailer out of it.